Pole Presentational's SEVEN

Pole Presentational Presents SEVEN

Premiering May 15th at 6:30pm on YouTube

30 performers from the US and Canada, amateur to pro, will take the virtual stage to show the world which of the Seven Deadly Sins or Seven Heavenly Virtues has taken them over in Pole Presentaional's first multi- apparatus show!

A Northern California based company who welcome everybody to the stage, Pole Presentaional is a show for pole dancers, by pole dancers. They believe that every expression of the art and sport should have a place to shine.

Highlighting that pole is one of the very few arts that is also a sport- and a sport that is also an art- Pole Presentational provides a place for pole dancers to tell a story and share a performance on stage (or on screen)!

Pole Presentational producers, Kimmy Fitz and Morgan Castillo, have made it their mission to encourage creativity and give every pole dancer a safe space to share their art while providing a professional performance experience.

Seven will feature performances on Pole, Lyra, Hammock and Rope, as well as hip hop and martial arts, making it a one of a kind show!

The show is sponsored by a number of businesses within the pole and aerial community such as By Kimb, Pole & Dance, Xpert Fitness, Altius Pole Studio, Ultimate Pole, Twirly Studios, and Marisa Monjaras. Over half of the performers received costume sponsorships and will be rockin Dolls Kill and Superfly Honey pieces.

Tickets are available now on the Pole Presentational website with sliding scale pricing starting at $5.

CONTACT POLE PRESENTATIONAL AT: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Twitter: Email:

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