Nerves of Steel or Chrome or Brass or Titanium Gold: by Gina Tann, originally posted 06/24/2014

This goes out to all the dancers who have had a bad pole day, or who find themselves frustrated with their progress:

It takes BALLS to do what we do.

From the very first time you touched a pole, you did something that the vast majority of people would never even try. Maybe you were inspired by a YouTube video. Maybe you were looking for something to break up your workouts.

Maybe you were looking for a way to reconnect with your body. Maybe you were looking for something fun and social. Maybe you were just looking for something fun to do.

Think about how many people in the world would love to try something new, but fear stops them. Fear of not being good enough — of not fitting in — of being clumsy or weak — of looking silly. When it comes to pole dancing, you can add the fear of social/cultural stigma to that pile.

We all had our reasons for seeking out pole. The reasons don’t matter. What matters is that you did something. You took that first class, or bought those online lessons, or joined a Facebook pole group, or followed a pole dancer on Instagram. You acted.

We push our bodies, we push our souls, we push our brains, every single time we step onto the dance floor. We condition and bend and sweat and sometimes cry. Pole dancers are made of tough stuff!

But at the end of a workout, when we’re counting new bruises or massaging tired, sore muscles, we know that we’re part of a community that’s courageous and fun and sometimes silly and always just plain incredible.

Many people will never know what it feels like to whirl around on a pole, or go upside down, or even to just dance an hour away for the sheer joy of it. So here’s to my fellow pole dancers out there in the world. You’re FANTASTIC, and I love you for being the gutsy, cool bunch of people that you are.

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