Five Pole Rules to Stop Breaking: by AMD, Originally Posted 03/17/16

There are as many ideas of how to train for pole as there are people training for pole. None of them are necessarily 100% right, and none of them are necessarily 100% wrong. BUT … there are a few hard-and-fast pole rules that get broken a lot, for no good reason. Here they are, in no particular order:


Comparing your progress to someone else’s. Come on, stop it already. Constantly comparing yourself to somebody else is exhausting. You need that energy for the pole! Seriously though, we all progress at different rates, in different ways, and under different circumstances. It’s easier said than done. Believe me, I know. I KNOW. But if you can manage it, your pole life will be so much richer and more fun. And honestly, you’ll probably make faster progress because you’ll be doing it for you.


Avoiding training both sides. Look, no one really likes to train both sides. We have a dominant side and it’s dominant for a reason, right? But spare yourself the one-Popeye-arm/one-Olive-Oyl-arm syndrome and work both sides. Do it even with more complicated or difficult tricks or combinations. It will come in handy someday. I swear it will. Be a balanced athlete and artist!


Not dressing for the part. Skin helps. Eventually you may be able to do certain moves with body parts covered or uncovered … but when you’re first learning a move, you need skin to help hold you. So stop being all hung up about your body already. Take off your shirt. Get tiny shorts and wear them with pride.


Always using the same grip. I’ve talked about this a lot in previous posts, so I won’t get into it too much. But one of the easiest ways to avoid repetitive use injuries is to …. well, to avoid repetition. So if you always use twisted grip, it’s time to give cup a try. Or if you always use elbow grip, give split grip a try.


Overtraining, or training a move before your body is ready. You can really hurt yourself by kicking into inverts, or kicking into cartwheels/handsprings. Because if you don’t know what to do once you get up, or if you’re not strong enough to hold the final position, you are VERY likely to just come crashing back down. No bueno! Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If it says “ooooh, I love that move but I’m not quite ready,” listen. If it says “nope, I just can’t do it,” listen. Find out what exercises you can do to condition for it, or what pole moves may logically progress into your dream move.

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