BSB 2014- Singing the Song of the Sexy: by AMD, originally posted 07/08/2014

It’s Bringing Sexy Back time, one of my favorite times of the pole year! I love the slinky side of pole, love it in every way. For me, that means hair flicks, shoe scrapes, and bangs, aggressive pole checks, butt-in-air grinding floorwork, swaying hips … and though I lack the flexibility to do them, I love to see a good heel bite. Oh, be still my heart.

For a good number of pole dancers, the thought of getting their sexy on is terrifying. So what do you do when you don’t feel like you’re capable of being sexy?

First comes the question — what exactly is sexy?

Is it sexy to be strong and capable? Is it sexy to have long hair? Maybe it’s sexy to have short hair. Is it sexy to slink around the pole dragging your toes and swinging your hips? Or is it sexy to strut around the pole wearing your sass on your sleeve?

The answer is this: they’re all sexy. Because I think we often forget that perceptions of what is sexy are as varied as people in the world. There is no one way to define sexy. It’s not what society thinks is sexy, or what other pole dancers think is sexy, or even what your significant other thinks is sexy. It’s what makes you feel sexy … and it’s how that fits into whatever your definition of sexy is.

You – and only you – decide what sexy means to you.

So strap on your heels and give one of them a bite, or don’t. Toss your hair around, or don’t. Bust out power moves, or don’t. Strut, or slink, or glide. Celebrate your sexuality. Celebrate yourself.

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